A meeting on quality management-Sep.28,2021

  In response to the recent complaints from a few customers, our company held a meeting on quality management on September 28. This meeting aims to strengthen the employees' awareness of quality service, product quality control and prevention in advance, so as to reduce business risks.

    At this meeting, employees are required to carefully review the terms of purchase and sales contracts, especially the quality description should meet the specifications. Our contract shall enable suppliers and purchasers to clearly understand the quality specifications without any objection. The persons in charge of the business are required to audit the supplier's to evaluate the supply capability and have a better understanding of the quality control. We hope to do our best to reduce quality disputes and improve customer satisfaction through a series of actions. 

    At the same time, because of the epidemic control in the past two years, we can’t meet our foreign customers. We should pay more attention to strengthening communication with clients through e-mail, video conference and overseas telephones, so as to understand perfectly the needs of customers.